Building pytorch for systems without avx2 instructions

I recently got very interested in open source AI and wanted to build out a server with a modern GPU to do more experiments on. The problem was that I had the money for a modern GPU but not enough to build out a new system to put it in.

I got my hands on a decommissioned workstation from about 2012 for the low price of free and stuck the GPU in that as a temporary solution. I named it GLaDOS since I'm stuffing a very new and very expensive RTX 3090 into a system that's so old it might as well be a potato. It's from the sandy bridge era and it does not support avx2 instructions. (it's otherwise very powerful for its age being a dual 8 core xeon with 64GB (soon to be 128GB) of memory)

pytorch has some components that assume you have avx2 and this blog post describes How i re-compiled pytorch to work with the potato that I put my new GPU into.

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