Building kermit for NOS2

This post describes the process of building kermit for NOS version 2 using dtcyber and the CybisRelease1 kit for running your own PLATO system.

I plan on this being the first in a series of posts about NOS and CYBIS/PLATO in general.

Building kermit isn't strictly necessary since xmodem is already supported on the NOS side. but this was simply a learning exercise for me to get more familiar with the system myself.

I learn about various retro systems as a hobby and this particular one ties into another project I've been involved with which uses all of this called

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Exploring the PDP8

I recently got pulled into a rabbit hole when I read an article about the PiDP8i project. I didn't have the money to get the real thing so this post will chronicle my experiences setting up a similar experience using the blinkenbone project instead.

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