Jenkins and github integration for the testinggoat book

This article describes my Jenkins setup for going through the book Test-Driven Development with Python

We will discuss the following steps:

  • Initial linode setup (Ubuntu 16.04LTS)
  • securing your linode
  • setting up jenkins
  • Nginx reverse proxy for jenkins with free SSL using let's encrypt
  • github integration with protected branches based on our tests
  • better tracking and presentation of our test runs via xUnit (as per John Fitzpatrick's suggestion on the Chapter 24 page of the book)

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A better way to run QUnit tests.

There is a much simpler and better way to run QUnit tests for Test-Driven Development with Python

After trying to use the xUnit plugin for Jenkins (which I will be writing about more in depth soon) I ran into the problem of generating JUnit reports for QUnit tests. This article is about my solution to that problem.

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Enabling private pages

I wanted to make a private blog post so I could share a future blog post with someone for review before publishing.

Turns out that the implementation of this blog software prevents the page privacy settings from working out of the box.

I would like to say I figured this out myself but all of the credit goes to Mattwestcot on the wagtailcms slack server.

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Modifying my blog to support StreamFields in blog posts

I wanted to write some articles about configuring Jenkins but I quickly found out that I was quite limited with the blog software out of the box. I wanted to be able to post inline screenshots, source code and other things and that really wasn't easy to do with just a plain markdown body on the PostPage.

That's a bummer but everything I'm doing on this domain is a learning …

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retry helper for BrokenPipeError in selenium

While going over chapter 21 of Test-Driven Development with Python I kept getting failing tests with

BrokenPipeError: [Errno 32] Broken pipe exception

This article describes my workaround for this problem.

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